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XLeratorDB - Options Pricing Functions for SQL Server

  XLeratorDB Financial Options package is a PREMIUM function package for SQL Server that contains specialized functions for Over-The-Counter (OTC) and Exchange-Traded-Options (ETO) option calculations.

SQL Server can hold more than a terabyte of critical financial data; XLeratorDB / financial-options gives you a new level of power and accuracy to measure the returns and manage the risks.


XLeratorDB/financial-options includes functions for:

  • Calculations for American and European options
    • Implied Volatility, Price, Greeks, Derivatives, Trees
  • BinomialAmerican, BinomialEuro, Binomial Tree
  • Binary Barrier options, Standard Barrier options
  • Bjerksund-Stensland
  • Black-Scholes-Merton
  • Option Matrix and OptionPL Matrix
  • Binomial Discrete Dividends
  • Proportional Dividends
  • Non-recombining Trees

SQL Server has no native financial functions. The XLeratorDB team has been creating, testing and optimizing complex financial functions for the SQL CLR platform since 2008.

They are designed by leading industry professionals and utilize comprehensive testing harnesses to ensure accuracy. Theese high-value XLeratorDB functions are not found in Excel, they have been built with input from industry professionals and are offered as part of the XLeratorDB function package collection for Microsoft SQL Server.

All XLeratorDB functions are fully documented online and include a host of examples.  Plus you are provided with support via email and phone.  Don't see the function you need? - let us know!




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