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XLeratorDB - Windowing Functions for SQL Server


XLeratorDB / windowing package provides advanced windowing functions for SQL Server. Use XLeratorDB/windowing to gain access to some of the windowing and analytic functions in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 that have only become available in SQL Serve 2012, plus several new Window functions that are not otherwise available in any version of SQL Server.


XLeratorDB/windowing includes functions for:

  • Lag
  • Running Count, Sum, Avg, STDEV, VAR, etc.
  • Moving Count, Sum, Avg, STDEV, VAR, etc
  • Running Slope, Intercept, Forecast, etc.
  • Moving Slope, Intercept, Forecast, etc.
  • Moving Averages
  • Moving and Running Kurtosis, Skew, T-Test, etc.
  • Inventory Calculations - FIFO, LIFO, etc.

SQL Server 2005 and 2008 have a very limited number of native SQL Window functions.

XLeratorDB / windowing provides many useful windowing and aggregate functions that you can use in all versions of SQL Server, from SQL 2005 and on. The windowing package demonstrates innovation driven by our technicians and function designers.

They are designed by leading industry professionals and utilize comprehensive testing harnesses to ensure accuracy. These XLeratorDB functions have been built with input from industry professionals and are offered as part of the XLeratorDB function package collection for Microsoft SQL Server.

All XLeratorDB functions are fully documented online and include a host of examples.  Plus you are provided with support via email and phone.  Don't see the function you need? - let us know!




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