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XLeratorDB - String Functions for SQL Server


XLeratorDB / strings lets you realize the full power of SQL Server with in-database processing.

Invoke dozens of advanced string formatting and text manipulation functions within the database – without having to export data to another application, without having to use Reporting Services, and without having to write complicated T-SQL statements or stored procedures.

If you know T-SQL and have used Excel, you will find these familiar functions so easy to use that you could be getting results within minutes after installing them. SQL Server can hold more than a terabyte of critical financial data; XLeratorDB / strings gives you a new level of power and accuracy to measure the returns and manage the risks.

XLeratorDB/strings includes over 40 SQL Server functions for:

  • Formatting
  • Information
  • Calendarizations
  • Conditional formatting
    • IIFSTR

XLeratorDB / strings adds many new tools (that are precisely matched to Excel) to the 23 native functions built into SQL Server. Plus, there are dozens of new functions for the kind of demanding database operations that are simply beyond the scope/scale of a spreadsheet application.

Now you can use easy and familiar text handling funtions similar to those found both in Excel and the Microsoft .NET framework directly in your T-SQL. XLeratorDB strings offers powerful and fast text manipulation functions - PARSE specific elements out of text strings, CONCATenate many rows of text data into a single line, SPLIT data by delimiters into rows quickly and efficiently. 

XLeratorDB/strings also offers a rich set of formatting functions that are much more flexible and easier to use than the built in SQL Server functions.  Format numbers, dates, times, currencies, etc. with easy and familiar patterns such as 'mm/dd/yyyy' and '###,###.00' instead of memorizing cryptic numeric codes.

On top of this, there are also functions for inspecting text strings, such as ISNUMERIC, NUMWORDS, STARTSWITH, CONTAINSSTR and more - PLUS - calendar functions for calculating working days.

XLeratorDB gives you the familiarity and flexibility of Excel with the power and reliability of in-database analytics – without the headaches of cut-and-paste errors. And in many instances eliminating exports and imports to Excel can mean up to a 99% reduction in processing times as well.




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