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XLeratorDB - Function Packages for SQL Server Developer Edition



XLeratorDB Developer lets you access the full range of powereful XLeratorDB function libraries for SQL Server. So you can answer a wider range of complex business questions faster, smarter and more reliably. And realize huge development savings in the time and cost of coding, testing, and maintaining those applications.

THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT TOOL created specifically for Microsoft technology that taps into the power of in-database analytics to build better solutions. Whether the application involves sophisticated finance, statistics or math calculations, or time consuming strings operations …

XLeratorDB Developer includes all functions from all non-premium XLeratorDB packages so you can perform all kinds of financial, mathematical, statistical, engineering, etc., calculations in the SQL Server environment.

XLeratorDB DeveloperPLUS includes all functions from all XLeratorDB packages, including PREMIUM packages such as XLeratorDB/financial-options, so you have all of the functions available in XLeratorDB Developer, plus the high-valued XLeratorDB packages which provide specialized, industry specific functions.

The XLeratorDB Developer packages are priced and targeted for your development environment. They run on SQL Server Developer Edition 2012 or later.

XLeratorDB Developer adds the power of hundreds of SQL Server functions to the developers’ toolkit, representing the full range of in-database analytics found in:

XLeratorDB DeveloperPLUS also includes PREMIUM function packages

Every XLeratorDB function is fully documented and rigorously tested on hundreds of millions of rows to ensure reliability in real world production environments. And every function has been carefully benchmarked for accuracy against Excel, “R” and other well established industry leading standards for applications that need to meet world class expectations.

Better yet, XLeratorDB Developer gets you up and running in no time flat. The tool installs in minutes and requires no specialized training. The functions are familiar because they look and behave exactly like Excel. And the extensive documentation provides thousands of examples that you can copy directly into SQL Server Management Studio for execution.

Buy versus build? Anyone who has written a stored procedure in T-SQL involving complex business logic will understand: this is one investment that pays for itself on the first use … even if you only need one calculation. Building a robust, bug-free function like these, or even building the test harness for one, is not a simple one-day project, even for the most talented programmer.

XLeratorDB can help application developers save a lot more than the time and cost of writing code. Moving these functions closer to the data can reduce processing time, reduce network loads, and better utilize the power of the database engine. They also reduce the common cut/paste errors that plague Excel, and make ad hoc reporting faster, easier and more reliable.

Reliability, flexibility, speed and complex logic across a range of disciplines … XLeratorDB Developer answers a lot of tough questions and helps you realize an incredible ROI in terms of application development savings in both time and costs.


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System Requirements

The XLeratorDB Developer packages must be installed and run on SQL Server Developer Edition (2005 or later), or SQL Server Express Edition. XLeratorDB Developer packages will not install or function on SQL Server Standard or Enterprise editions.

See the XLeratorDB Subscription package (for SQL Server 2008 and later) for development and test use on SQL Server Standard and Enterprise editions.

Included Libraries

XLeratorDB Developer includes all these SQL Server function packages and is available for:
SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2014 / 2016 / 2017 / 2019

XLeratorDB DeveloperPLUS also includes


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