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About WestClinTech

Founded in 2008, WestClinTech develops and licenses XLeratorDB the world’s largest function add-in package for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.

XLeratorDB extends the analytic and number-crunching capabilities of Excel into the SQL Server database.

Charles Flock,
CEO and co-founder, has an extensive background in the application software business having been part of the original development team for IMMS at GDK Systems, which was acquired by Hogan Systems in 1987 and having co-founded The Frustum Group, developers of the OPICS international banking package, which was acquired by Misys plc in 1996. After leaving Misys in 2002, Mr. Flock and some of his partners from The Frustum Group founded Treasure Trove, Inc. which published the best-selling treasure hunt books, A Treasure’s Trove and Secrets of the Alchemist Dar, both by Michael Stadther. Just prior to founding WestClinTech, Mr. Flock was CEO of rebates.com.

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Joe Stampf,
CTO and co-founder, has an extensive background as an application and .NET developer, having worked with Mr. Flock at The Frustum Group since 1994, as well as at Treasure Trove, Inc., and rebates.com.

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WestClinTech was formed based on a very simple idea: any calculation that you can do in Excel you should be able to do in SQL Server. Based on their experience with users while in the application software business, they observed the common, inefficient practice of extracting data from the database into Excel for a wide variety of management, government, or shareholder reporting. Or, even worse, innovative financial instruments would be created in Excel and then shoe-horned to fit into legacy systems, which lacked the flexibility to provide proper valuations and risk analyses.

With XLeratorDB, everything is on the database. If you can calculate it in Excel, you can do the same calculation, with almost exactly the same syntax, in SQL Server.

About a hundred times faster.

With no network overhead.

With no limit to the amount of data.


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