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XLeratorDB - Trial Version

  XLeratorDB 2008 Trial Version includes over 400 CLR functions to perform all kinds of financial, mathematical, statistical, engineering, etc., calculations in the SQL Server environment. Presented in a format familiar to anyone who has used Excel® you can now bring the power of those functions into the T-SQL environment.

Includes all of the functions from all of the XLeratorDB packages:

  • XLeratorDB/financial 2008
  • XLeratorDB/math 2008
  • XLeratorDB/statistics 2008
  • XLeratorDB/engineering (includes XLeratorDB/convert)
  • XLeratorDB/strings
XLeratorDB/Trial Documentation

  • THE COMBINATION of these functions running in SQL Server® creates a whole new experience, more powerful than Excel on its own. There are no limits to the number of databases on a server that can use these functions and there is no limit to the number of users of those databases who can use them either. No longer will you need to extract data and send it to Excel or have Excel access the database to take advantage of these powerful functions.
  • Trial version is Fully Functional
  • Trial Version can be installed on any number of servers or databases - it is not restricted to a single server.
  • Trial Version expires 15 days from date of download (not installation!).
  • XLeratorDB 2008 requires SQL Server 2008. It does not require Excel, Analysis services, Reporting Services or any other packages. XLeratorDB 2008 installs in minutes.
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