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In-Database Analytics for SQL Server

In-Database-Analtyics | SQL Server

In-database analytics is a technology that allows data processing to be conducted in the database by building analytic logic directly into the database itself. This eliminates the time and effort required to transform data and move it back and forth between a database and a separate analytics application.

Use XLeratorDB as the behind the scenes calculation engine to build advanced data analytics into your own applications.

XLeratorDB's hundreds of financial, statistical, and mathematical functions for SQL Server are modelled after those found in packages such as Excel, R, Matlab, and Bloomberg.

XLeratorDB offers lots of benefits and features:

  • Real Time Analysis - Leveraging In-Database analytics allows for reporting on live, up-to-the-second infomation
  • Reduce Spreadsheet Risk - Move your data and formulas off of the spreadsheet and into the database and no longer be constrained by desktop program limitations
  • Savings - Save on development time and cost by simply plugging XLeratorDB into your existing SQL Server database
  • Speed - In-Database calculations can be up to 100x faster than moving data across a network
  • Flexibility - Invoke XLeratorDB functions easily with SQL queries called from any programming language or application that can connect to your SQL Server database
    (Java, C++, C#, VB.NET, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.)

Bring In-Database Analytics to your SQL Server database today with XLeratorDB!

XLeratorDB's high performance quantitative capabilities are available in a variety of packages and are priced per server, with no restrictions on the number of users and databases on the licensed server.

Try the 15-day Free Trial and the power of In-Database Analytics


More Resources

Download the XLeratorDB Installation Guide [PDF] for detailed information on installing and un-installing the software.

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In-Database-Analtyics | SQL Server

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