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Purchase XLeratorDB Function Packages for SQL Server

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Enter the number of servers. One or more server names can be registered in the XLeratorDB license. Specify more than one server name when the database containing XLeratorDB will be backed up and restored to other servers periodically, ie as part of your backup or disaster recovery methodology, or when using a SQL Server cluster.
When using a (non-AO/HA) Failover-Cluster, specify the number of 'Active' server nodes only in the 'No. Servers' field - do not count passive servers or the virtual cluster server. Always-On/HA passive server nodes do require a server license.
Specify the licensing option. The options are 'Standard' and 'Extended Licensing Option' ('ELO'). With the Standard license the XLeratorDB software may be installed on the specified named server or servers indefinitely, but it may not be transferred to a different server. With ELO the software may be transferred (migrated) to a new server as needed, such as when retiring an old server due to upgrading, repair, etc. However the XLeratorDB software may not be installed at any time on more servers than specified in the license ('No. Servers'). ELO is available for 3 and 5 year terms.
Leave blank. For admin use only.

You acknowledge that you agree to the End User License Agreement for XLeratorDLL/financial


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