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XLeratorDB - Utilities Package

  Ensure your purchased XLeratorDB products will install successfully on your database! Use XLeratorDB/util's TestServer function to make sure that your registered server name, which you specify during checkout, is correct.

Also, use XLeratorDB/util to simplify common tasks such as checking for existence of a table, view, database, user, etc., which is commonly done in sql installation scripts to drop a particular object before re-creating it.

XLeratorDB/Utility Documentation

XLeratorDB Utilities (FREE)

XLeratorDB/utilities lets you confirm that your server registration information is correct before you purchase an XLeratorDB package.

In addition, the package also includes a number of handly utility functions commonly found in T-SQL scripts, such as checking for existence of a databse, table, or other object. For example:

Turn This:

  • IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].
    [mytable]') AND type in (N'U'))
    DROP TABLE [dbo].[mytable]

Into This:

  • IF (wct.TableExists('dbo','myTable') <> 0) DROP TABLE dbo.myTable

List Of SQL Server Utility Functions:

ApplicationRoleExists Test for existence of an applicaiton role
Assembly Exists Test for existence of a SQL CLR assembly
DatabaseExists Test for existence of a database
DatabaseRoleExists Test for existence of a database role
FunctionExists Test for existence of a SQL CLR function
SchemaExists Test for existence of a schema
StoredProcedureExists Test for existence of a Stored Procedure
TableExists Test for existence of a table
TestServer Test configured server name
UserExists Test for existence of a user account
ViewExists Test for existence of a view



“Before XLeratorDB, there was no easy-to-use, built in solution for XIRR calculation in SQL Server, XLeratorDB is the first product to bridge that gap and streamlines the process for us.

Munish Kumar
Investment Analyst
The Sentient Group

"Any company currently using the Excel kernel within its applications to handle complex calculations will find XLeratorDB most beneficial, It’s an overall great product – flexible, yet reliable."

Chet Cotter
Director of Financial Systems
Newland Communities, LLC

"This is a very data processing intensive system that would not be possible without the use of XLeratorDB and SQL Server. XLeratorDB has made us a 15X return and it offers 500 times the processing that Excel is capable of."

Kenneth Jones
Founder and Managing Partner
Fusion Ventures

"We’ve saved as much as 20-30 percent of total development time thanks to XLeratorDB, With XLeratorDB, we can give our clients the means to automate many of their underwriting decisions, lowering their costs and reducing errors."

Jason Daniels
Chief Operating Officer
Verde International

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