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WestClinTech strives to provide an abundance of helpful resources to support the XLeratorDB function packages.

We are pleased to present a series of instructional videos that describe by example all aspects of working with XLeratorDB.   To provide feedback on our videos, feel free to contact us directly.

More videos will be added soon... check back often!

Video 1 : Introduction to XLeratorDB

This 5 min. video introduces XLeratorDB, the first commercial In-Database Analytics package for Microsoft SQL Server.
updated 04 June 2012

Video 2 : XLeratorDB Demonstration

This 14 min. video, hosted by function designer Charles Flock, demonstrates several powerful XLeratorDB functions in action.
updated 04 June 2009

Video 3 : A big problem with Excel's XIRR function

This 8 min. video documents a problem with the XIRR function in EXCEL and what an EXCEL XIRR of 2.98023E-09 really means.
updated 11 February 2010

Video Index

Video 1

XLeratorDB Introduction
time: 5:38

Video 2

XLeratorDB Demonstration
time: 14:13

Video 3

A big problem with Excel's XIRR function
time: 8:14

>more videos coming soon!

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