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XLeratorDB - Math Package

  XLeratorDB lets you realize the full power of SQL Server with in-database processing. Invoke dozens of standard mathematical functions within the database – curve fitting, random and series number generators, a product and matrix math functions. And run them without having to export data to another application, without having to use Reporting Services, and without having to write complicated T-SQL statements or stored procedures.

If you know T-SQL and have used Excel, you will find these familiar functions so easy to use that you could be getting results within minutes after installing them. SQL Server can hold more than a terabyte of critical information; XLeratorDB/math gives you the key to unlocking its full value.

XLeratorDB/math includes over 60 SQL Server functions for:

  • Trigonometry - ACOSH, SEC, CSC, TANH, etc.
  • Number Generators - RANDBETWEEN, SERIESINT, RANDNORMAL, etc.
  • Interpolations - INTERP, SPLINE, POLYFIT, POLYINTERP, etc.
  • Numerical Integration - QUAD, QUADTS, QUADOSC, etc.
  • Matrix Functions - MMULT, MINVERSE, QRdecomp, LUdecomp, BKSUB, FWDSUB, TRANSPOSE, etc.

XLeratorDB / math - Documentation

XLeratorDB/math adds dozens of new mathematical tools (that are precisely matched to Excel) to the two dozen native functions built into SQL Server. Plus, there are additional functions for the kind of large dataset analytics you wouldn’t dream of doing in a spreadsheet application.

XLeratorDB lets you apply the same sophisticated tools found in high-end analytic applications, but at a fraction of the cost and network overheads.



"Any company currently using the Excel kernel within its applications to handle complex calculations will find XLeratorDB most beneficial, It’s an overall great product – flexible, yet reliable."

Chet Cotter
Director of Financial Systems
Newland Communities, LLC

“Before XLeratorDB, there was no easy-to-use, built in solution for XIRR calculation in SQL Server, XLeratorDB is the first product to bridge that gap and streamlines the process for us.

Munish Kumar
Investment Analyst
The Sentient Group

"We’ve saved as much as 20-30 percent of total development time thanks to XLeratorDB, With XLeratorDB, we can give our clients the means to automate many of their underwriting decisions, lowering their costs and reducing errors."

Jason Daniels
Chief Operating Officer
Verde International

"This is a very data processing intensive system that would not be possible without the use of XLeratorDB and SQL Server. XLeratorDB has made us a 15X return and it offers 500 times the processing that Excel is capable of."

Kenneth Jones
Founder and Managing Partner
Fusion Ventures

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