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By Charles Flock on 4/15/2014 4:58 PM
In this article we look at 2 relatively straightforward methods for calculating a variance-covariance matrix in SQL Server, using the XLeratorDB function library, and compare them to the calculation provided in the Excel Data Analysis tool.
By Charles Flock on 4/3/2014 2:10 PM
The latest release of XLeratroDB/math contains 5 new functions for numerical integration, 12 new functions for the generation of non-uniform random numbers and, for users of SQL Server 2008 and above, 2 new functions for calculating the nth MIN or nth MAX of a data set.
By Charles Flock on 4/2/2014 3:23 PM
In the latest release of our math library (1.09) we introduce 5 new functions for numerical integration in SQL Server. In this second of two articles we follow up on some of the concepts behind numerical integration focusing specifically on integration over semi-infinite and infinite intervals. We will explain some of the general concepts behind numerical integration, also called quadrature, using Simpson's rule, and then look at functions for Gaussian and Double Exponential quadrature.

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