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XLeratorDB/engineering is now available

Apr 3

Written by: Charles Flock
4/3/2009 5:28 PM  RssIcon

Some notes on the release of the engineering package and how it works in relation to EXCEL.
We are pleased to announce the availability of the XLeratorDB/engineering module. It includes all the functions contained in the EXCEL engineering functions with the exception of CONVERT, which is embodied in the XLeratorDB/convert module.
The engineering module contains the error function, the complementary error function, 4 Bessel functions of integer order, 12 functions for translating numbers between binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal, 20 functions for computation with imaginary numbers, and the Modulo function which is the equivalent of the MOD functions in EXCEL. It is worth noting that the MOD function in EXCEL and the modulo function in SQL Server (‘%’) return different results for negative numbers. It also contains the GESTEP and DELTA functions.
We tested by comparing the results produced by the worksheet function object with the results produced by XLeratorDB and by comparing XLeratorDB results to outside sources, most notably Abramowitz and Stegun and the Keisan calculation library by Casio.
For the error function (ERF) and the complementary error function (ERFC) we agree with EXCEL to 6 decimal places; but we agree with Abramowitz and Stegun to 10 decimal places (which is all that is supplied) and with Keisan to 15 decimal places.
For the BESSELJ functions, we agree with EXCEL to 4 decimal places; but we agree with Abramowitz and Stegun to 15 decimal places for J0(x), 10 decimal places for J1(x) and J2(x) and 5 decimal places for all others. In each case, this is the number of decimals supplied. We also agree with Keisan to 12 decimal places. The same is true for the BESSELY, BESSELK, and BESSELI functions.
For all other functions, we agree with EXCEL to 15 decimal places.
We think that the engineering functions in this package make SQL Server a much more powerful analytical tool. If you have large samples or large datasets, we feel that you will find the combination of XLeratorDB and SQL Server to be more robust and easier to use then a spreadsheet or even a spreadsheet in combination with a data base. We hope that you find it a satisfying experience. If you have any comments, please post them on the forum , and if you have any questions or problems you can send us an e-mail at support@westclintech.com or call us at 914 231 7137.


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