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New Case Study: Miles Software

Apr 19

Written by: Charles Flock
4/19/2017 9:58 AM  RssIcon

You should check out the new case study on the case study section of the site.

When Westclintech was founded in 2008, the development team had come out of the international banking application software business. I and my partners had founded The Frustum Group which implemented the world's first Windows-based international banking software application called OPICS. The Frustum Group was acquired by Misys plc in 1996.

OPICS was a client-server online transaction processing application which could use either ORACLE or SQL Server as its database engine and provided a variety of tools for manipulating data for reporting purposes. But, like most application software, the 'business intelligence' was wrapped up in the application code. While it was easy to extract data for reporting purposes, it was exceedingly difficult to do any sort of sophisticated calculations on that data without using some type of programming tool. It also meant that within the application most standard processes (things like interest accruals, mark-to-market calculations, value-at-risk, and credit exposures) required sucking the necessary data out of the database, calculating results more-or-less row by row, and then updating the database with the results, which was slow and created a lot of network overhead.

With the introduction of SQL CLR in SQL Server 2005 it became possible to actually move all that processing onto the database, eliminating the network overhead, and allowing even the most sophisticated calculations to be done in set-based operations using SQL. Which makes them really, really fast.

Miles Software has embraced this paradigm and deeply embedded XLeratorDB in their MoneyWare product which is installed in hundreds of sites throughout the world. Since XLeratorDB literally becomes part of the database, MoneyWare users really have no idea that XLeratorDB is part of a MoneyWare solution; as far as they are concerned they are just using MoneyWare. You can find out more by reading the case study.

If you are interested in trying out XLeratorDB, just download the 15-day trial. It's a fully functioning version of the package. If you find that there is something that you need that isn't in the package, send us an e-mail at support@westclintech.com; we are always interested in new ideas to add to the package. If you have other questions, contact us at sales@westclintech.com


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