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XLeratorDB - Full Suite


The XLeratorDB Suite packages let you access the full range of powerful XLeratorDB function libraries for SQL Server. So you can answer a wider range of complex business questions faster, smarter and more reliably. And realize huge development savings in the time and cost of coding, testing, and maintaining those applications.

XLeratorDB Suite includes all functions from all non-premium XLeratorDB packages so you can perform all kinds of financial, mathematical, statistical, engineering, etc., calculations in the SQL Server environment.

XLeratorDB Suite PLUS includes all functions from all XLeratorDB packages, including PREMIUM packages such as XLeratorDB/financial-options, so you have all of the functions available in XLeratorDB Suite, plus the high-valued XLeratorDB packages which provide specialized, industry specific functions.

Presented in a format familiar to anyone who has used Excel® you can now bring the power of those functions into the T-SQL environment.


XLeratorDB Suite adds the power of hundreds of SQL Server functions to SQL Server, representing the full range of in-database analytics found in:

  • XLeratorDB / financial
    • rates of return, bond figuration, loans, business dates, etc.
  • XLeratorDB / statistics
    • regressions, inferences, probabilities, distributions, etc.
  • XLeratorDB / math
    • trig, number generators, interpolations, matrix math, etc.
  • XLeratorDB / engineering
    • Bessels, base conversions, complex numbers, etc.
    • unit conversions - areas, lengths, speeds, temperatures, volumes, weights
  • XLeratorDB / strings
    • parsing, concatenations, calendarization, etc.

XLeratorDB Suite PLUS also includes PREMIUM function packages

  • XLeratorDB / financial-options
    • OTC and ETO option functions - Bjerksund-Stensland, Black-Scholes-Merton, Option PL Matrices, etc.

THE COMBINATION of these functions running in SQL Server® creates a whole new experience, more powerful than Excel on its own. There are no limits to the number of databases on a server that can use these functions and there is no limit to the number of users of those databases who can use them either. No longer will you need to extract data and send it to Excel or have Excel access the database to take advantage of these powerful functions.

Every XLeratorDB function is fully documented and rigorously tested on hundreds of millions of rows to ensure reliability in real world production environments. And every function has been carefully benchmarked for accuracy against Excel, “R” and other well established industry leading standards for applications that need to meet world class expectations.

Find out how our clients have experienced up to a 99% reduction in processing times simply by eliminating exports and imports to Excel - With precisely the same calculations running directly on the database.


Purchase XLeratorDB Suite



Purchase XLeratorDB Suite PLUS

Included Libraries

XLeratorDB Suite includes all the XLeratorDB function packages and is available for SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012 / 2014.

XLeratorDB Suite PLUS also includes


“Before XLeratorDB, there was no easy-to-use, built in solution for XIRR calculation in SQL Server, XLeratorDB is the first product to bridge that gap and streamlines the process for us.

Munish Kumar
Investment Analyst
The Sentient Group

"This is a very data processing intensive system that would not be possible without the use of XLeratorDB and SQL Server. XLeratorDB has made us a 15X return and it offers 500 times the processing that Excel is capable of."

Kenneth Jones
Founder and Managing Partner
Fusion Ventures

"Any company currently using the Excel kernel within its applications to handle complex calculations will find XLeratorDB most beneficial, It’s an overall great product – flexible, yet reliable."

Chet Cotter
Director of Financial Systems
Newland Communities, LLC

"We’ve saved as much as 20-30 percent of total development time thanks to XLeratorDB, With XLeratorDB, we can give our clients the means to automate many of their underwriting decisions, lowering their costs and reducing errors."

Jason Daniels
Chief Operating Officer
Verde International

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