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XLeratorDB/engineering Online Documentation

SQL Server Engineering function


Use XLeratorDB/engineering for a wide variety of engineering and calculations and unit conversion. The feature-rich XLeratorDB function library lets you include calculations in any T-SQL statement including SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE VIEW as well as in CTEs, stored procedures, user-defined functions, and computed columns.

XLeratorDB/engineering requires Microsoft SQL Server® 2005 or later (which must be purchased separately). XLeratorDB/engineering installs in minutes and can be used immediately after installation. Anyone familiar with the functions in Microsoft Excel® will immediately feel comfortable with XLeratorDB/engineering.

XLeratorDB/engineering includes a comprehensive collection of unit conversion functions.

BESSELI Calculate the Bessel function of the second kind I±v(z)
BESSELJ Calculate the Bessel function of the first kind J±v(z)
BESSELK Calculate the Bessel function of the first kind Kv(z)
BESSELY Calculate the Bessel function of the first kind Yv(z)
ERF Calculate the error function
ERFC Calculate the complementary error function
Modulo Modulus as calculated in Excel 
DELTA Test whether two values are equal
GESTEP Test greater than or equal to a threshold
EBIN2DEC Convert a positive binary number to decimal
BIN2DEC Convert a binary number to a decimal
BIN2HEX Convert a binary number to a hexadecimal
BIN2OCT Convert a binary number to an octal
DEC2BIN Convert a decimal number to binary
DEC2HEX Convert a decimal number to hexadecimal
DEC2OCT Convert a decimal number to octal
HEX2DEC Convert a hexadecimal number to decimal
HEX2OCT Convert a hexadecimal number to octal
HEX2BIN Convert a hexadecimal number to binary
OCT2DEC Convert an octal number to decimal
OCT2HEX Convert an octal number to hexadecimal
OCT2BIN Convert an octal number to binary
COMPLEX Convert to a complex number 
IMREAL Return the real coefficient of a complex number
IMAGINARY Return the imaginary coefficient of a complex number
IMABS Calculate the absolute value of a complex number
IMARGUMENT Return theta as radians
IMADD Return the sum of 2 complex numbers
IMSUB Return the difference between 2 complex numbers
IMMULT Return the product of 2 complex numbers
IMDIV Return the quotient of 2 complex numbers
IMCOS Return the cosine of a complex number
IMSIN Return the sine of a complex number
IMPOWER Return a complex number raised to a power
IMSQRT Return the square root of a complex number
IMLN Return the natural logarithm of a complex number
IMEXP Return the exponential of a complex number
IMLOG10 Return the common (base 10) logarithm of a complex number
IMLOG2 Return the base-2 logarithm of a complex number
IMCONJUGATE Return the complex conjugate of a complex number
IMSUM Return the sum of a set of complex numbers  
IMSUM_q Return the sum of a set of complex numbers  
IMPRODUCT Return the product of a set of complex numbers  
IMPRODUCT_q Return the product of a set of complex numbers  
CONVERTAREA Area unit conversions
ACRES Convert area to Acres
HECTARES Convert area to Hectares
SQINCHES Convert area to Square Inches
SQFEET Convert area to Square Feet
SQYARDS Convert area to Square Yards
SQMILES Convert area to Square Miles
SQMETERS Convert area to Square Meters
CONVERTLENGTH Length Unit Conversions
INCHES Convert length to Inches
FEET Convert length to Feet
YARDS Convert length to Yards
METERS Convert length to Meters
MILES Convert length to Miles
NMILES Convert length to Nautical Miles
FATHOMS Convert length to Fathoms
FURLONGS Convert length to Furlongs
PICA Convert length to Picas
POINTS Convert length to Points
CONVERTSPEED Speed Unit Conversions
INSEC Convert speed to Inches per Second
FTSEC Convert speed to Feet per Second
FTMIN Convert speed to Feet per Minute
FTHR Convert speed to Feet per Hour
MIHR Convert speed to Miles per Hour
MSEC Convert speed to Meters per Second
MMIN Convert speed to Meters per Minute
MHR Convert speed to Meters per Hour
KMHR Convert speed to Kilometers per Hour
MISEC Convert speed to Miles per Second
MIMIN Convert speed to Miles per Minute
MIHR Convert speed to Miles per Hour
KNOTS Convert speed to Knots
CONVERTTEMP Temperature Unit Conversions
CELSIUS Convert temperature to Celsius
FAHRENHEIT Convert temperature to Fahrenheit
KELVIN Convert temperature to Kelvin
RANKINE Convert temperature to Rankine
CONVERT VOLUME Volume Unit Conversions
CUINCHES Convert volume to Cubic Inches
CUFEET Convert volume to Cubic Feet
CUYARDS Convert volume to Cubic Yards
CUMETERS Convert volume to Cubic Meters
CUMILES Convert volume to Cubic Miles
FLDRAMS Convert volume to Fluid Drams
FLOUNCES Convert volume to Fluid Ounces
TEASPOONS Convert volume to Teaspoons
TABLESPOONS Convert volume to Tablespoons
CUPS Convert volume to Cups
PINTS Convert volume to Pints
QUARTS Convert volume to Quarts
GALLONS Convert volume to Gallons
LITERS Convert volume to Liters
IMPOUNCES Convert volume to Imperial Ounces
IMPPINTS Convert volume to Imperial Pints
IMPQUARTS Convert volume to Imperial Quarts
IMPGALLONS Convert volume to Imperial Gallons
IMPGILLS Convert volume to Imperial Gills
BARRELS Convert volume to Barrels
BBLS Convert volume to US Beer Barrels
BUSHELS Convert volume to Bushels
GILLS Convert volume to Gills
PECKS Convert volume to Pecks
DRYPINTS Convert volume to Dry Pints
DRYQUARTS Convert volume to Dry Quarts
STERES Convert volume to Steres
CONVERTWEIGHT Weight Unit Conversions
OUNCES Convert weight to Ounces
GRAINS Convert weight to Grains
DRAMS Convert weight to Drams
POUNDS Convert weight to Pounds
STONES Convert weight to Stones
CWT Convert weight to Hundred Weight
TON Convert weight to Tons
DWT Convert weight to Pennyweight
TROY Convert weight to Troy Ounces
TPOUNDS Convert weight to Troy Pounds
GRAMS Convert weight to Grams
TONNES Convert weight to Tonnes

This function cannot reference data from SQL Server 2014 memory-optimized tables


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