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XLeratorDB uses Microsoft’s SQL CLR (SQL Common Language Runtime) technology. SQL CLR allows managed code to be hosted by, and run in, the Microsoft SQL Server®environment. SQL CLR relies on the creation, deployment and registration of .NET assemblies, which are physically stored in managed code dynamic load libraries (DLLs). The assemblies may contain .NET namespaces, classes, functions and properties.

Because managed code compiles to native code prior to execution, you can achieve significant performance increases in some scenarios. XLeratorDB functions run faster than equivalent functions written in T-SQL.
XLeratorDB installs with PERMISSION_SET = SAFE. SAFE mode is for all users. SAFE is the most restrictive permission set. Code executed by an assembly with SAFE permissions cannot access external system resources such as files, the network, the internet, environment variables, or the registry.

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